Tweet Me Bloghop

8:54 PM

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to tell you about a new weekend bloghop started by Nykki at Nykki's Mane Blog.  Except there is a twist, instead of sharing blogs, the idea is to share Twitter URL's.  Neat twist, right? This weeks is the first installment, so head over to Nykki's blog, link up, follow others and spread the word =)

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  1. Girl you are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! :)

    I am really excited about this idea, so I am glad you like it too!!

    xoxo, nykki

  2. Aww, thanks =) And you are very welcome! I had to share a brilliant idea like this. You come up with great ways for bloggers to interact and get to know one another.


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