BalmsAway Eye Makeup Remover

8:23 PM

I happened upon this product by accident.  A full size container was included in a set I bought from Marshalls for $8.  I was unsure about using an eye makeup remover with the consistency of a balm and I have very sensitive eyes.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The texture is really smooth and it does not irritate my eyes at all.  It takes off eyeshadow and eyeliner easily and with one swipe of a cotton pad.  Mascara is a bit more of a challenge.  I can never get it to remove my mascara very well.  Of course it could just be the mascara I am using which is either The Body Shop's Big and Curvy or theBalm's Cheater mascara.  It does not irritate my eyes one bit and it actually feels nourishing.  This is pretty amazing considering most removers make eyes sting just a little and/or turns them red.  My lids always feel soft after using it, and maybe a smidge greasy.  According to the Balm's site , this remover has vitamins A, C and E plus a blend of lipids.  So not only are you removing makeup, you are doing something good for your peepers.

The packaging is like a vintage tin, which I love.  But since the first time I opened, I can't get it to shut all the way.  That could simple be an issue with the one I got, though.

A tin of this is $20 for 2.2 oz, but if you live near a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I suggest looking there.  I really like this product because it is gentle, effective and nourishing.  Plus it will last a really long time.  A tiny amount will go along way.

After a month of use, and I still have a ton left.

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