The Body Shop's Born Lippy Lip Balm

9:49 PM

This is my all time favorite lip balm..ever!  I am 100% serious when I say that.  They are perfect in every way.  They give a glossy finish with a touch of sheer color.  They are also very moisturizing.  I have dry, sensitive and eczema prone lips, so many lip products are too drying or make my lips itch.  The Born Lippy balms do neither.  Unlike a lot of lip balms or even glosses I have used, the effect of this balm lasts for a few hours. And they are not sticky.  I especially love these for the summer.  They are great to have on hand for makeup free (or minimal makeup) days.  They have a wonderful fruity scent that is natural and not overpowering.  As an added bonus, there is no odd taste.  They have lanolin and beeswax for moisturizers.  Currently, I have three: Raspberry, Strawberry and Satsuma Shimmer.

The raspberry balm also has raspberry extract and has a sheer raspberry tint.  The satsuma shimmer has orange oil and satsuma oil to provide the scent.  When applied to the lips, the tint is a shimmery, sheer orange.  Last but certainly not least is the strawberry balm.  The tint is a very sheer red and strawberry provides the scent.  I know some people are allergic to certain dyes, and these have some listed as the last two ingredients.  The Body Shop lists all of the ingredients for their products on their site, so you can always double check for allergies :)

Individually, these are $6 for a 0.31 oz tube, or you can get 2 for $10 or $3 for $12.  Also, The Body Shop is having their summer sale, which includes their gift sets.  They have a set with 5 Born Lippies that is usually $20 on sale for $14.00.  Each will last you a long time.
These get a 5/5 from me.

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  1. These are so pretty! I have a Body Shop by me, but it's pretty far away. I really want to go up that way so I can get a few things, though. I love their Coconut body Butter, but that's the only product I've tried from them.

  2. They are amazing! I am in the same boat as you. The closest one to me is a little over an hour away so I order a lot of my stuff online. Their body butter is what started my obsession, lol. I love them, too.


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