Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick~My Favorite Lippie~

9:36 PM

Let me start by saying that I am not a lipstick person.  I usually find formulas too drying and it is almost impossible for lipstick to stay on me for longer than 4 hours. That was until I tried the Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick.  Oh my goodness, it was love at first swipe.  It is so smooth and creamy.  This stuff feels amazing when you apply it.  The pigment is wonderful and shows up vividly with just one swipe across the lips.  Lipstick just does not stay on me, and my mom will be the first to tell you that.  She actually cringes when I look at lipstick and she happens to be with me.  But this stuff stays on me for 6 to 7 hours and does not leave my lips feeling dry.  I ate a slice of pizza and the color was still there.  It also did not bleed, fade or feather.  It is basically perfect. The lipsticks come in two finishes: satin lasting creme and Lasting Shimmer.

I swatched a few of the shades with the shimmer finish, and they were also very smooth.  They were not quite as pigmented and a bit too shimmery for my taste.  The packaging is really nice. I love that you can see the color on the bottom of the tube.  That makes it so much easier to find the color you are looking for.  It is a bit hard to open, but that means it will not pop open in your bag.

The first tube I got was in a gift with purchase and is called Blushing.  Love, love, love it!  Easily one of my favorite shades in my small lipstick collection.  Blushing is described as "light to medium warm rose." It is the perfect reddish lip color for my skin tone.  Others are too bright or harsh.  It has the satin, creme finish.

After trying Blushing, I knew I had to have a few more colors.  The first one I bought was Pinkberry, which is described as a"medium pink mauve", which describes it perfectly.  Like Blushing, it has the satin, creme finish.

Next I would like to get Candy or Electric Pink and maybe a coral shade so I have a nice variety.  These are $25, which is a bit cheaper than other higher end brands.  I think they are worth it because they are non-drying, have great pigment and actually stay on me.  These get 5/5 from me :)



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  1. my favourite lipstick is Estee Lauder's Pure Color in Crystal Baby! :D

  2. never tried these but Blushing looks really pretty on you.


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