My Last Haul, I Promise!

9:55 AM

No more hauls for me, at least for a while.  The only time I will be buying anything is if it is new and looks really good, or if I run out of something.  The Body Shop in Atlanta(Lenox Square) finally got in the new Lily Cole Collection, so I had to scope it out.  Plus I needed to exchange some eyeshadows I ordered online that ended up not being what I wanted.  As I was looking around, I noticed they had some different sets made up in these cute little bags.  Luckily, one of them had the new shimmer cubes and liquid liner from the Lily Cole collection (limited edition).  This bag had 4 products total for $35, which was a great deal.  Here is what was in the bag, and the price if you were to buy them individually:

1.) Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes $22
2.) Lily Cole Liquid Liner in 20 (Ink Up Violet) $13.50
3.) Big and Curvy Mascara $18.00
4.) Eyeshadow Brush $15.50
The total would be $69, so it was an amazing deal.  If you get one of these sets in store, they ring up each item individually, so you will see the total being $69 at first, but they adjust it.  Plus, the receipt usually comes with a coupon that is either $15 off of $40, or $10 of off $40.  So if you have one from a previous purchase, that can be used.  I ended up paying $29 for everything I got.

It also comes with a "Get Lily's Look" card.  Saw the look on an employee, and it was really gorgeous.

The back of the bag. I will be finding another use for it because it so pretty.

Shimmer Cubes and Eye Liner

Eyeshadow Brush. Seems like it will be nice.

Big and Curvy Mascara

Ink Up Violet

More shimmer cubes :)

 I also got two other eyeshadows that I did not pay for since it was an even exchange.  I picked up their Eye Shimmer in 06, which is an iridescent pink/white and their Eye Color in 43, Velvet Green.  This particular eye shimmer is not sold online.  I also got the new Lily Cole Hi-Shine Lip Treatment in 02 (Go Wild).  This is $5, and is smaller than the regular ones, which are $10.  The Lily Cole version is 0.2 oz (6 ml) and the others are 0.4 oz.

Now I am off to try the items in the set and see how they work out :)

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