TheBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow

5:30 PM

Wow..this stuff is seriously amazing.  This ranks as some of the best shadow I have tried.  The texture is perfection; so smooth and soft, but not too soft. With the shade Shameless Shana, there is no chalkiness and it is not powdery.  Caught in the Act Courtney has a bit of a different texture; it is not quite as pigmented, feels lighter and seems a bit chalky to me.  I like using this shade as a liner, which is what it is classified as. 

The staying power of both is amazing.  They lasted all day with no fading or creasing.  Shameless Shana is a gorgeous, shimmery bronze while Caught in the Act Courtney is a dark brown with copper microglitter. 

The packaging is also great.  I love that they actually included a mirror and that it is magnetic, so there are no worries about it popping open.  It is light weight and would be easy to travel with.  I got these in a set that I found at Marshalls for $7.50 and it retails for $87, so it was quite a steal.  The shadows themselves are $16.00.  I would give Shameless Shana a 5/5 and Caught in the Act Courtney a 4.5/5 because of the slightly more chalky texture.

Caught in the Act Courtney

Shameless Shana

Top: Caught in the Act Courtney Bottom: Shameless Shana

After 6 hours.

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  1. Ohh I love Caught In The Act. Such a pretty color!!

    xo, Jersey Girl


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