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It just occurred to me that I have never done a post regarding my haircare routine.  Haircare is something that I do not spend a lot of money on or put a ton of effort into.  Reason being that my hair does whatever it wants to and a lot of the expensive stuff I have tried does not work much better.  I have really curly, thick, frizzy hair.  In a word: unruly.  But it can be tamed with the right products.  And my current routine (I switch every few months) is doing the job perfectly.

1.) Shampoo and Conditioner
My shampoo and conditioner are by Herbal Essences.  I bought these as a set at Target and it only cost $5.30.  Which is the reason I bought it; I did not expect a good product.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.  I am using the Hydralicious Self Targeting shampoo and conditioner.  It is supposed to target the areas of your hair that need the most moisture.  And somehow it seems to work well.  The key ingredients for these products are red vanilla and whipped aloe.
In addition to this shampoo and conditioner, I have to use a special shampoo two or three times a week for my seborrheic dermatitis.  For that little problem, I like using Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength shampoo.  It works great at getting rid of flakes but there is a downside.  It turns your scalp orange. But it is a small price to pay for a flake and itch free scalp.
2.) Deep Conditioner

I always preach about the importance of a deep conditioner if you have really dry hair like myself.  I have tried a few ranging from high end to those that can be found at a drugsture.  My favorite one is actually very inexpensive and works like a charm.  It is Tresemme's Rejuvenating Mud Masque.  I use this once a week to keep my hair as soft and manageable as possible.  And it works quite well.   You can see my full review of this product here.
3.) Styling Products
 I have never been one to use any styling tools on my hair for a few reasons.  One is that I do not want to spend over 15 min on my hair and secondly, my hair is dry enough as is.    I only use a mousse and maybe a finishing cream.  Currently, I am loving L'Oreal's EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse.  This line has no alcohol in it, so it will not dry our your hair.  It does not make my hair feel crunchy but leaves it frizz free with soft curls.  Unless it happens to be really humid and rainy, then I am just screwed.
 And there you have inexpensive and effective hair care routine =)

What are some of your favorite hair products?

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