Lancome Fall 2012 Midnight Roses:What I'm Loving

5:27 PM

Lancome is one of my favorite cosmetics brands.  And not just because of the quality or the fact I love their packaging.  It is a family affair.  I was looking to see if they still made a particular shade of lipstick that my aunt liked (sadly, they do not) and I saw their new 2012 collection is in.  So here is some of the stuff that I am loving from it. The plum shades really appeal to me.  And I am about burnt out with summer and the constant bright shades, so seeing this was a breath of fresh air. You can see the complete line here.  Here are the highlights:

1.) Color Design All in One Brightening Palette in Violet Magnetique.  I am an eyeshadow fiend and I enjoy these palettes.  The pigment is nice and the quality is great.  Plus I love purple and pink shadows, so this is worth a look.  It is a bit pricey at $49, so whether I will actually get it is up for debate.

2.) I will, however, be investing in this new lip product.  Not only is it a completely new product, the colors look stunning.  The product is called L'Absolu Creme de Mat, which Lancome describes as a "Visibly Replenishing and Plumping Velvety Lip Color."  Um..yes, please! Add in the three shades: Potion D'Amour (appears to be a rosy berry shade), Magie Poupre (berry) and Prune Elixir(plum).  All have matte finishes.  This is my definite must have from the fall collection, and I am leaning towards Prune since I have nothing like it.  The price is $29.50.

3.) L'Absolu Nu Lipstick.  I own two of these (Rose Veil and Coral Sand) and love them.  They are very moisturizing for a lipstick and come in nice colors.  The only downside is the wear time, which is about 3-4 hours on me.  The new fall collection also brings in three new shades for this lipstick: Rouge Resille, Parme Flanelle and Prune Matille.  They seem very similar to the shades for L'Absolu Creme de Mat, but just in a different finish and texture.  Rouge Resille is also a rosy berry, Parme Flanelle is described as a "sherry berry" and Prune Matille is a lighter plum.  These are also $29.50.

4.) Vernis in Love.  I have never tried Lancome's polish, but I want to.  Fall brings in a new shade called "Infusion de Prune".  The price is $15, which is a bit steep for me, so I will probably pass even though I love the shade.

There are some other new products out for the fall, but these I am less excited about it.  There is a new shade of the L'Crayon Kohl liner called "Purple Dusk" and a matte top coat for nail polish.  I'm not a huge fan of their Kohl liner because it irritates my eyes a little and the pencil is so darn long, which does mean it will be around for a long time.  And I already have a matte top coat and I am sure you can find one cheaper somewhere else.

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