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6:37 PM

I have been meaning to post a lot of FOTD's this week, but have never gotten around to it.  I have been pretty busy helping my family with some things and spending time with them.  So I figured I would just wait until the weekend and compile them all in one post.  I will start with Sunday and work up to today :)

Sunday July 8th:
I used Lancome's Color Design palette in Sky Demure to create a Taupe and Blue eye look.  I loved this one.  And I have to give props to my mom since she is the one that told me to use this palette, lol.  Taupe is in the crease, light blue on the lid and darker blue as the liner.

Sorry it says Monday..random typo on my part and for some reason, the editor would not let me change it.

Monday July 9th:
This is the day I tried it Tarina Tarantino's Emerald Pretty palette.  I did do a post for this one.  You can see all of the details  here.

Thursday July 12th:
I skipped taking pics on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because my eczema flared up really badly.  And my eyelids were really dried out, which you can kind of see in the pics.  Sadly, it effected the way the shadow applied.  On Thursday, I received theBalm's Shady Lady Vol. 3 palette and had to try it out =) I saw the cotton candy like pink and blue, which really spoke to me that day.  I used Envious Erin (all over), Safe Bet Annete (lid and liner for inner half of lower lashes) and Open To Offers Olwen (outer lid and outer half of lower lash line).  For my lips, I used L'Oreal's new Colour Caresse in Pink Cashmere.

Saturday July 14th
Today was one of those days where I put on makeup and did not even leave the house.  I just did some social networking, cleaned up around the house and did some PR work for my grandfather's ebay stuff. Once again, I used the Shady Lady Vol 3 palette.  I kept things fairly simple and used silver with black liner on my eyes.  To do this, I used Envious Erin (all over), Lusty Lee (lid) and Guily Gwen as a liner.  For a pop of color, I used Buxom's Big and Healthy Lipstick in Athens.

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