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So, who doesn't love sprinkles? They automatically bring up an image of fun and childhood.  And it is an appropriate NOTD since I am going to get frozen yogurt with my family this afternoon. This is a super easy NOTD because I only used two products: the new Nails Inc Sprinkles Special Effects polish and Essie's No Chips Ahead top coat.  It is kind of like a caviar manicure without the mess, 3D effect and it was cheaper.  Plus I think these are more friendly for those of that use our hands a lot.  This particular Sprinkles polish is fun but a bit more edgy because it uses grey and black rather than brighter shades (which Nails Inc does have).  I am starting to long for fall, so the summery brights are starting to loose appeal.  I still love them, though.  The shade is called "Sugar House Lane" and it is $9.50 on Sephora's site.  It is a bit similar to a glitter polish, but easier to work with and lacks the shiny finish.  I used two coats in addition to a top coat just for polish security.  I do think that one coat is plenty.

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  1. Thanks =) It is a pretty neat polish. Love that they used mattified glitter.


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