Wal-Mart and Victoria's Secret Haul~Essie Mirror Metallics Included~

8:49 PM

I found some pretty amazing things today.  The most amazing being the polishes from Essie's Mirror Metallics Collection.  Words cannot even begin to express how excited I am.  I found two of the shades (Blue Rhapsody and Penny Talk) at Wal-Mart  and No Place Like Chrome was found at Wal-Greens.  At Wal-Mart, there was no special display.  They were just thrown in randomly with the other shades.  So if you cannot find them, just snoop around in the nail polish section.  Anyhow, I really love them.  The shades are gorgeous and from what I can tell right now, they are opaque in one coat and dry really quickly.
I will have better pictures up soon =) My phone does not have the best camera.

Blue Rhapsody, Penny Talk, Good as Gold

No Place Like Chrome
Now for Victoria's Secret.  I was snooping around in the cosmetics and was informed that all of the Beauty Rush products were only $3.50.  Apparently the Beauty Rush products are being discontinued for something new.  Of course I had to take advantage of this.  I have only tried the Beauty Rush lip balm (which is amazing) but from the swatches I did in store, everything seems like pretty good quality.  I picked up three of the glossy lip tints and shadow duos.  The three shades of the lip tint I picked out are Knockout Red, Blush Blush and Better Than Bare.  I am stunned by how much I love these.  They are very pigmented and creamy.  They are similar to Clinique's Chubby sticks, but I like the Beauty Rush version better because I find them more moisturizing.  They shadow duos are nice, too.  They are not amazing, but good.  The pigment is decent and the texture is actually really nice.  They have a bit of glitter which I am not a huge fan of.  All in all, the Beauty Rush products were really good.  Shame they are being discontinued, but I am excited to see what is new :)

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  1. beautyandthecheapJuly 12, 2012 at 2:36 AM

    Great haul! The lip tints look great! I'm not a fan of metallics but love those names. Hehe.. Especially "No place like Chrome" LOL!

  2. Gorgeous nail colours! So jealous of them :) x

  3. LOve the new Essie colours they look fab. I have my eye on Penny Talk. Love it

  4. They are amazing! And Penny Talk is gorgeous.

  5. The quality of the lip tints surprised me. they are really good. Lol..Essie does come up with some good names.

  6. I like the Beauty Rush lip balm too! Glad to hear the lip tints are great. You got them at a good price too!



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