Olay Hair Removal Duo: Trial 1

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This is one of those complete honesty posts.  I am not comfortable with posting the lip hair thing, but it must be done.  And it is (or was) there, so no point in acting like it wasn't.  Even if I was really the only that could see it.  Plus if someone else can get something out of this, it is worth it.

Having eczema, I was a little nervous about trying.  I figured I would be the crazy, stupid (anybody else get the song "Wild Ones" stuck in their head?) one to try it out.  Luckily, it all worked out.

I finally got sick of the fine hair above my lip and decided to do something about it.  So I got the Olay Hair Removal Duo for fine/medium hair.  I literally just wiped it off and wanted to tell you the results of my first time using it.  I tested it on my arm for two days to be sure that there would be no irritation, and there was not any.  It worked well, but there are some things that I learned for the next time I use it.

How it Works:
I won't get into the crazy science of how this stuff works.  The cream breaks the bonds of the hair and allows it to be wiped away after about 8 minutes.

It is very important to apply the balm before using the cream and massage it in for a bit. About 30 seconds.  I applied the balm, but I did not massage it for as long as I should have and I don't think I used enough.  Then you apply a fairly thick layer of the hair removal cream and let it sit for 8 minutes, but not over 10 minutes.  I definitley think I applyed it way too thinkly, but I was a bit scared because I did not know how my skin would react.  Overall, my skin did feel smooth but there is one area that feels about rough.  However, I think that is because I did not have enough of the cream in that area, and a tad bit of stubble was left.  I may go over the small missed area again tomorrow or Friday.  Considering I do have eczema, I am shocked that I experienced no irritation.  I was hopeful that there would not be, but I am still shocked.

Despite my errors, the result was pretty impressive.  Most of the hair was gone, with the exception of a few small pieces.  It didn't really burn, but this was some very slight tingling.  And the middle of the area above my upper lip feels a bit numb, but there is no redness or burning.  Olay says that there is enough product for 12 issues, but I anticipate that you can get more out of it.  For my next use, I know what I will do differently and hopefully the next results will be perfect instead of great.

Cost: $23.  A bit expensive, but I wanted to get something with a lot less chance of irritation and was effective.  And I got just that.

The dreaded before pic.  It may be a little hard to see because the hair is fine and pretty light.

The balm and hair removal cream.

The handy dandy instructions.  You will want to read these well before using the product.  And be sure to test the cream on your forearm before putting it on your face.

Apply a layer of the conditioning balm and massage it in for 20-30 seconds.

This amount is actually too small.  You really need the size of a grape.  The cream should be applied thickly versus the thinner amount I did.

Let it sit for 8 minutes or so but do not exceed 10 minutes. Wipe off with a cotton ball or cloth.  Rinse with warm water.  I tried to get

Final results, which I am very pleased with.  No irritation and it feels smooth.

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