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9:06 PM

I have been browsing some products in store and online, and there are quite a few things that have caught my eye.  Some I may get and some I will not because they are just too expensive :(

1.) First is this stunning limited edition Celestial Charms Solid Perfume Compact.  I don't even care what that perfume smells like because the compact is so gorgeous.  Sadly, the price tag is way too expensive for me at $300.  But the color blue that was used and the detail is beautiful.  Certainly a unique piece.

2.) Chantecaille Safari Collection L'Elephant Palette.  This eyeshadow palette is almost too pretty to use because of the elephant design.  I like how the elephant is a variation of the other shadow.  Another reason this palette appeals to me is because I have always heard good things about Chantecaille, but I cannot afford their products.  This palette is $82.

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

3.)  This is the MUFE Black Tango Palette, which is inspired by the Argentine Tango.  It has 4 of the Aqua Creams in some unique sounding shades.  It comes with ivory, black with red highlights, black with green and black with blue.  The palette is lovely, too.  At $45, I may pick this up since I don't own many cream shadows, and I have heard many good things about the Aqua Creams.

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

4.) Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire.  Besides having some of the most fabulous packaging on the market, Guerlain has some amazing products and is a fragrance powerhouse.  That sentence sums up why I want to try their latest fragrance.  It is currently at Sephora as a beauty insider exclusive.  It becomes available online 8/13 and in stores 8/16.  It has black cherry, licorice and black tea, which sounds very intriguing. A 1 oz bottle is $64, which is actually cheaper than I had anticipated.  If I really like, I can see myself getting it at some point.

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

5.) How To Look The Best At Everything from Benefit.  This $30 Sephora Exclusive has some great products to achieve a flawless complexion.  My local Sephora stores actually have this set, so I may get it next time I am out.  It has some products I have been wanting to try, including the Hello Flawless foundation.  It also comes with how to cards.

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  1. You always pick such gorgeous and unique things. I love them!

  2. That MUFE Palette looks beautiful!

  3. Doesn't it? I just saw some swatches of it on Bella Sugar, and sadly it looks like something I wouldn't use much =(

  4. Thank you =) I wish I could afford all of them, lol. I'm saving my money for the Guerlain perfume, it smells divine.


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