Sephora Primal Instincts Palette Review and Swatches

12:51 PM

This was a purchase choice made by my mom.  She saw it online and thought she would really like it.  I tried it, too.I am actually impressed with this palette.  It is not my favorite one, but Sephora has certainly improved their eyeshadows.

This palette has a combination of 14 shimmery neutrals and matte shades (only 2). 
 Top Row:
 Universal Beige: matte beige, also available as a single shade.
  Sand: shimmery golden beige
  Gold: shimmery rose gold
  Apricot: shimmery light peach
  Tea Rose: shimmery light pink
  Taupe: shimmery, darker than your usual taupe
  Matte Brown
Bottom Row:
  Camel: shimmery coppery bronze
  Bronze: shimmer
  Mahogony:shimmery dark reddish brown
  Deep Burgundy: Shimmer
  Prune:shimmery pinky purple
  Steel: shimmery grey
  Must Have: matte black, also available as a single shade.

Pigment and Texture
The pigment of these shadows is really nice.  I did not need to rub my brush back and forth across the shadow to get any color to show up.  The texture is fairly smooth, not the best in the world but still good.  It is a huge improvement from the gritty feeling the Sephora shadows used to have.  I do find them to be hard to blend, but you can work with them. One great thing about the shadows is that they are not powdery at all.  Fallout was not a problem, and neither was chalkiness.

Staying Power
All I can say is wow.  This was by far the best thing about this palette.  I have oily lids, so I am happy with only minimal fading.  Even with primer, my shadow usually fades.  But this shadow looked the exact same at the end of the day compared to when I first applied it.  I really could not believe it.

Packaging and Price
The packaging is nice and sturdy.  I am not crazy about the design for some reason.  After using the Lorac Pro Palette, it also feels huge. 
This palette was $28 for 14 shadows, and you get a good amount of product. 

Overall Impression
I got this palette before I found the Lorac Pro Palette, which outshines this one.  I would save up the money and get that one instead (especially if you like matte shades) I like this palette, but I don't love it.  The shadows are not smooth enough for me and the shadows actually made my eyes water a little bit.  Someone that is pretty picky when it comes to eyeshadows may not like this a lot.  However, if you are new to makeup and want to branch out or want a palette with a variety of neutral shades, this would be good to check out.
I give it a 4/5.

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  1. This looks like a really great find! It almost looks like an MUA palette! Great review too, I've never tried Sephora's brand!

    1. It is a pretty nice palette..much better than some of the previous products from Sephora's brand that I have tried. They are really stepping things up :)

  2. I bought this palette recently and I love it! The colours are pigmented and easy to blend and they last all day - definitely a good alternative to the Naked palettes.


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