theBalm Nude'tude Palette

10:02 PM

I am a little late in trying this palette, but this is a "better late than never" case.  It really is a great palette and I have used it quite a few times since getting it.  I love it.

Sassy: shimmery true white
Snobby: shimmery light gold
Stand-Offish: peachy pink with gold shimmer
Stubborn: light shimmery pink
Selfish: shimmery taupe
Sultry: matte tan
Sophisticated:shimmery dark taupe with a hint of bronze
Seductive:shimmery golden tan
Sexy: matte berry
Silly: dark brown with gold microglitter
Sleek: matte dark brown
Serious: matte black

Pigment and Staying Power
 When it comes to pigment and staying power, you cannot get much better than theBalm.  These shades are perfectly pigmented for creating an everyday look.  They have nice pigment, but are not overly pigmented.  The lighter shades (Sassy, Stubborn, Stand-Offish and Snobby) have more pigment than what is shown in the picture.  The staying power is wonderful.  They last all day with minimal fading and no creasing.

Texture and Finish
Again, you can't get shadows more smooth and buttery than theBalm.  Their texture is perfection.  This palette has a nice balance of shimmery and matte shadows.  8 of the shadows are shimmery, which leaves 4 matte shades.  That is a better mix than what is usually found in palettes.  Typically, I find matte shades to be a little chalky.  Not so in this case.  They are just as smooth as the shimmery shades.

Packaging and Price
The packaging has a vintage pin up feel.  The front has a background image that resembles a house from the 50's or 60's.  The inside is a bit more racy. That part I am not a huge fan of, but it makes the palette unique. The container is sturdy, has a mirror and closes magnetically.  It is travel friendly.

 This palette is $36, which is a good deal for 12 shadows.  You can order it offline through theBalm's site or Nordstrom.

Overall Impression
I really cannot find one thing wrong with this palette.  The shadows are of great quality and perfect for daily use.  Unlike other neutral palettes, this one has some flair.  It includes some different colors including Sexy, Stand-Offish and Stubborn, not found in other nude palettes.  It gets a 5/5 from me :)

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  1. I love my Nude'Tude Palette! My favorite shade by far is Sexy!! Most likely because - like you said - we don't find it in many other nude palettes && I love the deep maroon/red color! I bought my palette from Hautelook though, so I didn't get to choose the 'naughty' or 'nice' version. I ended up getting the 'nice' - unfortunately. :/

  2. Wow this looks great! I really love theBalm shadows, I think I need to get a few more ;)

  3. It has become my favorite palette and I love "Sexy" too. I had the opposite problem, lol. I ordered mine from Nordstrom and they only had the "Naughty" version.

  4. They are wonderful =) Totally worth the money, lol.


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