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6:20 PM

My hometown finally has a shiny, brand new Ulta.  Literally brand new..it opened today.  Since it is only 15 minutes from my house, I had to scope it out.  Plus they sent me some $5 off a $10 purchase, so I had even more motivation to go.  I was hoping that I would get very, very lucky and see some new stuff from the L'Oreal fall collection, but no such luck.  Which I was not surpised since it is not supposed to come out until sometime in September and apparently last year, it was very hard to find.  But seriously, it looks amazing.

1.) Palladio Rice Powder.  I have heard a good deal about how awesome this stuff is, so I finally tried it.  I tried it when I got home, and I already like it.  It feels very smooth and I like the smaller case. It is finely milled and soft.  I also like that it does banish the oil, but did not leave my skin 100% matte.  I like a bit of a dewy finish because I think it looks more natural.  The price is nice, too.  It is under $4.

2.) Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask with orange, bergamot and kaolin. As I have said before, I am a sucker for face masks.  I have never seen this brand, but apparently it has been around since 1933.  This mask is supposed to cleanse, brighten, balance and energize the skin.  Sounds exactly like what I need, so it better work.  This mask was $5.99.  I have it on right now and so far so good.  It has a light citrus like scent, so light that some may not even detect it.  This mask has a nice, lightweight feel and you can just feel it sucking the gunk out of your pores. It has not caused any stinging and I don't anticipate this mask irritating my skin.

3.) Formula 10.0.6 Blackhead Banishing Pore Strips with tea tree and kaolin.  We all know how stuborn blackheads on the nose can be and I am hoping this will take care of mine.  These are cheaper than the Biore strips by a couple of dollars and sounded more promising.  Plus I wanted to stay in the same line as the mask.  I like the shape of these more, too.  They cover more of your nose.

4.) Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.  The Georgia heat and humidity is wrecking havoc on my hair.  I bought a small bottle of this serum for $6 in the hopes that it will stop the craziness.  It probably will not help much, but a girl can dream.  Anyhow, this serum claims to "displace water and constrict hair" per the Paul Mitchell site.  Sounds like what I need.

The new store also had a gift for reward card members.  It is nice, but nothing too exciting.
 A small bottle of Ulta lotion in Fresh Lilac, which seems nice.  It left my skin feeling soft, but the scent just isn't for me.  It is a bit too sweet.  Also included was a tube of Ulta's Super Shiny Gloss in "Whisper."  I have not tried it yet, but it looks like a light shimmery (maybe even frosty) pink.  Up next are two products that I will never use: AG Stucco Matte Paste and Welding Paste.  Then there is a sample of Lumene's Pure Radiance Day Cream.  I see this brand a lot at other Ultas and drug stores, but I have never tried.  I was a little but excited to see this.  

I was very impressed with the new Ulta in McDonough.  The employees were very nice and they had a good selection of products.  Lets just hope it stays that way.Form

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