Wet n Wild Magnetic Nail Color

10:36 PM

I went into CVS with all intentions of not even looking at the beauty products. Well, from the title, you can imagine that went as planned.  I had no idea Wet n Wild had crackle polishes, magnetic or chrome.  I got one of each.  I posted the chrome polish on Instagram (username is exquisitewitheczema) and my mom offered to be my guinea pig for that one.  It was gorgeous.  So I tried the magnetic polish in "Drawn Together By Force" which is a stunning emerald green.  Even without the magnetic effect, it is gorgeous.  This is the first magnetic polish I have tried and I adore it.  At least I did once I got it down.  It took me a few nails to figure out how close and in what direction to hold the magnet.  After that, it worked like a charm.  And it is so much cheaper than other magnetic polishes.  I got it for $3.99.  Gotta love WnW.  The polish is opaque in only one coat (I used two because the directions said so) and the dry time was very quick.  If you can find them and you like the magnetic nail trend, I certainly reccommend them.
Has anyone else seen these before? Or are my local stores just slow? Which could very well be the case.
Pardon the appearance of my dog, Kelly.  She was too cute for me to crop out :)

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