What Is In My Makeup Bag

9:25 PM

I cannot believe I have had this blog for over a year and I have yet to do this post.  It is probably because it changes from time to time, but there are some items that are standard.  Plus I just got a cute new bag today :)

1.) The bag.  I just got this cute Guerlain bag in the mail today.  My mom ordered some items from Nordstrom and for some reason, the shipped later than they were supposed to.  So they sent this bag of stuff, too.  It is plenty big enought and is made of a light cloth material.

2.) MUFE creamy concealer palette.  You never know when you may need a touch up.

3.) Hello Kitty Parisienne Compact Mirror.  The perfect mirror to make sure everything is in order.  It has a regular mirror and a 3x mirror.

4.)  Boscia Peppermint Blotting Sheets.  This is something anyone with oily or combination skin needs.  Resembling an oil slick is never a good thing.  I change what brand I use from time to time, but the Boscia ones are really good.

5.) Hello Kitty Nail File.  Again, you just never know.  Plus for a nail file, it is pretty darn adorable.

6.) The Body Shop Raspberry Born Lippy.  My favorite lip balm of all time.  It gives a sheer wash of color, smells divine and is very moisturzing.

7.) Lipstick.  This varies on a daily basis.  Today it was Lancome's Color Design Lipstick in Provocative.

8.) A mini LED flashlight for safety reasons or needing to search my car for something in the dark.

9.) Tums for obvious reasons.

10.) Not pictured is my favorite hand sanitizer: The Body Shop's Satsuma hand sanitizer.

11.) Pens are a must have.  Keeping them in my makeup bag just makes them easier for me to get to.

12.) Fragrance samples.  I have a ton of fragrance samples, and a lot of the time I may go out of the house without spritzing any perfume on, so having these on hand is a must for me.  Right now I have three in there: The Body Shop's White Musk Libertine, Guerlain's new La Petite Robe Noir and Thierry Mugler's Angel.  All three are in my top favorite fragrances.

13,) Eye Drops.  I have very sensitve eyes that tend to itch and water quite frequently.  I have the CVS brand and they work just fine.  Another good brand if you want something that will really wake you up is Rhoto.  Just do not get the kind with the blue lid.

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