Why I Don't Offer Eczema Tips (Or At Least Not Many)

9:46 AM

First of all. this is just a quick vent and explanation of a few things.  I will get back to the beauty posts in a bit :)

A few minutes ago, I was mentioned on Twitter for #FF and said mentioner wrote that my blog had great reviews and cool inspiration, but no eczema tips.  I really do appreciate the first part of that statement, a lot.  But the second rubbed me the wrong way.  First of all, no where on my blog does it say that I offer eczema tips and I do have reasons for that.  Plus, I figured a lot of people have noticed that, too and I wanted to explain myself. The name of my blog is "Staying Exquisite With Eczema."  Why I chose that name really boils down to the fact that I needed a snappy and unique name.  No one wants a boring blog name and all of the other ones I came up with were just too common.  And I really do have eczema.  Here are the main reasons why I do not offer eczema tips:

The thing about eczema is that everyone experiences it differently and we all have different triggers.  For example, my number one trigger is stress.  And when you have stress induced eczema, there is not much that can be done about it, so any tips that I would have, would be useless to many others.  Also, one tip that works for someone else can go awry for another.  In all honesty, I don't want that on my head.

Secondly, a lot of people out there are into natural "cures".  I'm not heavily interested in natural skincare/cosmetics, and ECZEMA CANNOT BE CURED!!  The statement that it can be is just complete ignorance of the condition.  It annoys me beyond belief when people outside of the medical and science world say that.  Sure, eczema symptoms can go dormant for a very long time but it cannot be cured.  It is a genetic condition and they just do not vanish because of some magical natural remedy.  Even if your eczema is dormant for a while, it can pop up anytime.  And I speak from experience.  Back to me not being into natural skincare, at least for the most part.  Another trigger of my eczema flare ups happens to be natural skincare or many products with botanical ingredients.  So why give tips that only cause problems for me?

Thirdly, my eczema is really not that bad.  So I don't need to do any of the more extreme treatments such as bleach baths or light therapy or anything of that nature.  I just use the creams given to me by my doctor, which I know is a big debate among other eczema sufferers.  But it works just fine for me and I only use the cream when eczema is flared up on my face, which is not often.

So to anyone that comes to this site looking for eczema tips, I am sorry.  But if you read my "About Me" tab, it says nothing about it.  I have entertained the idea of changing my site's name, but I am not going to.  It is a part of me and I am not going to change it because someone gets aggravated.  In my product reviews, I do indicate whether I had any irritation from  product and if I think people with eczema/sensitive skin should avoid it.  And from now on, I will be more clear about that.

Sorry for the vent.  No back to my regular posts :)

And I just to want to say a quick thanks to my followers.  My family and I are going through a bit of a rough patch, but you guys and my blog brighten my day.  I hope everyone has an amazing day and a great weekend.  <3

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  1. That is so stupid that they said that to you! I just hate it when people offer some type of "nice" comment, only to ruin it with a complaint. Like that comment I got, "I love reading your blog" BUT "I would like to see your whole face, & not bits & pieces of a face". I just can't believe that they actually complained about you on Twitter! It's your blog, you can choose to do what you want, if you don't want to offer pointless, eczema tips that you shouldn't feel obligated to! Like you said, a lot of reasons are behind why people's eczema flares up. Mine is only on my legs & it stays their nearly all of the time, except sometimes it gets less. Mine flares up from either stress, or if I get really sick or something, my eczema will flare up. Like you said, it's totally different for the person. Besides, it's just the name of your blog---it's not like you made your blog to give eczema tips.
    Just ignore them kristen, you're awesome & you don't deserve these stupid comments. {Just like I like to think that I don't deserve mean comments, either}. Just keep swimming :)
    -Aly xoxo

  2. Thanks, Aly =) Nothing like a good underhanded compliment, lol. I have the exact same thing happen with the eczema on my legs. I have just learned to live with it and be happy it is not like that on my face or arms. I still can't believe someone said that to you. The nerve of people..oh well. We have to to keep moving, or swimming :) lol And you definitely do not deserve the mean/rude comments. Some, or a lot, of people do not have the "shut up" filter in their brain.


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