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I really want to be more interactive on all aspects of social media, including on here.  Twitter was a success considering I just had a conversation with Musings of a Muse on Lady GaGa's perfume.  Is it weird that I am really excited about that?

Anyhow, I want to start hearig your opinions on various things.  Today, I would like to hear your opinions on high end skincare.  I am going to share a snipped on my opinion and I would like to hear yours.  Whether you leave a comment, tweet your opinion, comment on Google+, Facebook..whichever is easier for you.  I will leave links to all of my accounts at the end, or you can look just to the right of the post and you will see the "keep in touch" area :)

My Opinions
I tend to stick to inexpensive or middle of the road skincare.  I like my Noxzema and Aveeno.  And WalGreens Alpha Hydroxy face cream is amazing.  What high end skincare I have tried has been samples or in gifts with purchase.  Most of which I tend not to like.  I love Lancome cosmetics, but I have never had any luck with their skincare.  I think one of their cleansers actually irritated my skin a little.  But, unfortunatley for me, I have found some products from Guerlain that I love.  Their Abeille Royale Eye Cream is perfection.  It leaves the skin under my eyes so soft and bright.  I have sensitive eyes, and this causes no irritation whatsoever.  The bad news: $120, but I am saving up for it because I love it so much  Or I may try to find something cheaper.  Another product that I really like from Guerlain is the Orcidee Imperiale face cream.  That one is just out.  There is no way I would pay $420 for a face cream. No matter how good.  I think I cried when I saw the price.  It is very moisturizing but is not the least bit greasy and it absorbs quickly.  I know there are way too many other options out there.  

There are just too many other options out there for me to use high end skincare.  A lot of it is just overpriced.   There are a few exceptions, but in general, there are less expensive options.
What are your favorite skincare products? Do you use a mix on inexpensive and cheaper products?

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