Cute and Inexpensive Fall Fashion from JC Penney

9:11 PM

I just made a random trip to JC Penney to look around.  I need some new clothes and my wardrobe needs desperate updating.  I would gladly go out dressed as a clown sometimes for the chance to be on "What Not to Wear" and get some new clothes.  But I have good taste, I am just picky about how things fit. Plus I do not want to spend a fortune.  I have two JC Penney stores about 20 min away, and they have some gotten some really cute clothes in for fall.  I know their new pricing system has ruffled some feathers, but I love it.  Everything is inexpensive and no need to keep up with coupons anymore.

I purchased five things for now.  I saw some really cute shoes, bags and sweaters that I will be getting once I get paid.

I adore blazers, but I get hot easily, so the more dressy ones are too much for me.  They also feel too constricting.  Even if I were a size 2, that would bother me.  This fuschia blazer by a.n.a is fabulous.  It is made out of cotton and polyester so it feels much more light weight.  As a result, it is also more casual.  Then the awesome color is just well, awesome.  They also have it in black, which I may also get.  This blazer was only $20 and this is something I consider a staple.  I will wear this all the time.

This shirt by Bisou Bisou really caught my eye.  It is a mix of cute and classy but the faux leather straps add some edginess with a dash of sexy.  It stands well alone or can be paired under a blazer. Like I said, blazers are a staple.  This is also $20.

To go with the faux leather strap shirt, I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans.  At first glance, they  look like leather pants, but they have a black coating of some type.  They don't sound they cute, but they really are.  And they are $25. Not bad for a good pair of pants.

Next is the a.n.a Shirred Shoulder Surplice Blouse for $18.  It has a cute pattern and it is something that can be worn in spring, summer or fall.  Possibly winter if you live in a warmer area.

This is just the beginning of new clothes I want to get.  I have not bought any new clothes in ages, so I don't feel too bad about it.  Plus the prices and quality are great.

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  1. You selected great pieces. Can't wait to see you in them! I may have to pay JC Penny a visit.

    1. Thank you =) JC Penney has gotten some really cute pieces in.


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