L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

7:20 PM

At first, I had no intentions of trying this BB cream.  But I have been very happy with recent purchases from L'Oreal, so I decided to give it a shot.  I am happy I did because it ended up exceeding my expectations.

What It Is and Shades
This is a BB cream that claims to prime, perfect, hydrate and correct.  L'Oreal describes it as an "Ultra light lotion" and it has vitamins C and E.  It comes out as a white, somewhat gritty cream.  As you apply it, the "beautifying beads" match to your skin tone.  It comes in 4 shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Dark.  Fair is perfect for me.  Word of warning: Light is pretty dark.  If you can try these, you should definitley swatch them.  Some drugstores have testers.

Application and Coverage
The cream feels gritty at first due to the beads, but once they burst (for lack of a better term), application is smooth.  It blends out very well and it is not splotchy.  Coverage is light, but can be made a little bit heavier.  This BB cream is good at reducing the appearance of pores and evening out my skin tone. My skin is actually very clear for once, so you really can't see much of a difference in the before and after photos.

Packaging and Price
This BB cream comes in a simple, sleek tube. It is very easy to get out and it is dispensed via a narrow nozzle.   You can find this BB cream around $8 at drug stores, Target and WalMart.

My Thoughts
  1.) Lightweight
  2.) Good coverage
  3.) Matches my skin tone
  4.) Feels smooth and non drying
  5.) Doesn't irritate my skin
  6.) The appearance of my skin seems to improve throughout the day.
  7.) Doesn't melt off of my face.
  8.) The packaging..simple and effective
1.) No SPF.
2.) Even though it does not melt off, my skin seems to get a little more oily.

I would definitely repurchase and recommend this.  It is a great option for anyone that wants something that feels lightweight but still has good coverage.

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