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It is no secret that us girls love a spa night.  I have a thing about people I don't know touching me, so you will probably never actually see me in a spa and you will almost never see me in a hair/nail salon.  Plus I don't see anything relaxing about being around a bunch of chatty people.  Although I would like to get a facial at some point. Anyhow, I like to have a spa night at home one night a week.  I have some go to products for my hair, skin and nails that I would like to share with you.

I begin with the top of my body and work down.  Since my hair is very dry, I spend a bit longer on it using a mix of products.

1.) Biolage Hydratherapie Shampoo and Conditioning Balm.  I typically do not buy expensive products for my hair, but I will keep this shampoo and balm on hand.   It is great for color treated hair and for dry hair.  It actually makes a difference in the way my hair feels as I am washing it.

2.) Treatment.  The products I use for this part of my spa night varies as I like trying new things.  I always use some type of oil.  Currently, I will either use The Body Shop's Beautifying Oil or Macadamia Healing Oil.  I mix these in with a hydrating mask.  For my hair mask's. I have two that I like.  The first is Tresemme's Rejevunating Mud Masque.  This is a great masque for anyone on a budget.  It is also very effective at keeping my hair soft and less frizzy.  Another favorite is One 'N Only's Argan Oil Hydrating Mask.  This is more pricey at $12, but in some ways I like it more than the Tresemme mask.  It is lighter and less goopy.  I also like the earthier smell.  However, both give the same results.

Skin is the most important, or so I think.  It is no secret that I love trying new face masks.  Currently I have two favorits: Queen Helend Mud Pack Masque and Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask.  Both of these masks are great for sensitive, oily skin.  They clean out your pores and make your skin feel nice and smooth.

Hands and Nails
I keep this simple and use some househould ingredients.  To keep my cuticles and hands soft, I like warming up grapeseed oil.  Olive oil and vegetable oil work great, too.  Grapeseed oil seems to work the best for me, and it is less thick than the other two.  It also seems to absorb faster.  I prefer warming it up for about 20 seconds simply because it feels good.  I soak my nails for about 15 miin.  I use a cheap sugar dish to put the oil in.  You should be able to find one at WalMart for $1 or $2.  I will also apply the grapeseed oil on my hands and will let it sit for a minute or two before wiping it off.  If I am on a bit more of a time crunch, I will use Pro Fx Apricot Cuticle Oil.

The Body Shop makes amazing products for a pedicure.  Not only do they have an amazing peppermint scent (which I am a sap for), they are very effective and relaxing. No need to even think about going to a spa or nail salon anymore.  I start with putting the Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak in my foot bath.  You can find one for $20 at Target and WalMart.  Oh, and I just looked at The Body Shop's site and they only have the mini foot soak.  After a nice soak, apply the Cooling Foot Rescue and the Cooling Leg Gel for soft feet and legs.  This is my favorite part of the night because I love peppermint and it just makes me feel even more relaxed.

That is what constitutes my weekly spa night.  In fact, I think I am overdue for one. What are your favorite products for a spa night or a little pampering?

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