Hello Kitty Wild Thing Makeup Palette:Review&Swatches

8:58 AM

I have no idea what possessed me to buy this palette as I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan.  Despite this, I was curious. I swatched the shadows in Sephora and was impressed with the pigment of them. Not only does the palette come with 12 eyeshadows, it has a compact mirror and a pen pal eyeliner in black.

The shades in this palette consist mostly of neutrals, purples and a couple of greens.
1.) barely there glittery light pink. You can barely see it when swtached.
2.) matte peach
3.) metallic gold
4.) shimmery olive green
5.) shimmery violet
6.) light shimmery bronze
7.) light shimmery taupe
8.) shimmery silver
9.) matte violet
10.) medium taupe shimmer
11.) plum shimmer
12.) dark brown shimmer
Pen Pal Eyeliner in Black
Pigment and Texture
For the most part, the pigment is great.  There are a few that are lacking in the department, such as the first shade of the palette and the matte purple.  The gold and olive green have the best pigment, and texture.  The shadows feel smooth and soft.  However, they are very powdery.  So much so that it is irritating and you loose a lot of product.  None of the shades are chalky, except for the matte violet.  But it is not bad.  The eyeliner may be the best part of the palette.  It is very pigmented and applies like a dream. It feels very light and no tugging is required.

Staying Power
That is almost non-existent.  This shadow did not stay on me at all.  By the end of the day, it was completely gone.   Such a shame because the eyeshadow could have been something nice.  The eyeliner does stay on all day, though.

Packaging and Price
The packaging is what draws you in.  For Hello Kitty lovers, it would be a great collector's item.  Everything comes packaged in a cute animal print tin.  Inside are the shadows, compact mirror and eyeliner.  The eyeliner is felt tip and comes in a white pen with Hello Kitty printed on it in silver.  It is a $200 value for $49.

Overall Impression
Not a fan.  The poor staying power and powdery texture of the eyeshadows ruined the shining first impression.  However, the Pen Pal liner is nice.  You can purchase that alone at Sephora for $16.

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