Lorac Sweet Temptations Eye and Lip Collection Preview

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I went into Ulta today and feel in love with the Lorac Sweet Temptations sets I saw.  Sephora has a different version of this set, which has cream liners and lip gloss in addition to the shadows.  I knew I would never use them, so I opted for the Ulta version instead.  And boy, is it an eye catcher.  The lip set is, too.

The Eye Set
First of all, the packaging is adorable.  It loos just like a set of expensive, yummy candy bars.  It comes with 4 separate eye palettes, and each has a mirror.  Thank you very much for that, Lorac.  I was happy to see that.  Based on in store swatches, the pigment is wonderful and so is the texture.  You get a total of 16 shades for $36

1.) "Indulge In White Chocolate" is the dramatic one of the bunch.  It would be great for a smoky eye with its grey, silver and black shades.

2.) Satisfying Toffee Crunch has a delicious array of shimmery neutrals ranging from copper to a chocolate brown.

3.)"Tease Me Truffles" is a palette of 4 lovely purples.  They would be great for a smoky eye, too.  Purples are among my favorite eyeshadow shades.

4.) "Tantalizing Dark Chocolate" is a collection of more neutral shades. but leans on the bronze side.

 Lorac Sweet Temptations Lip Gloss Collection
This collection contains 6 full size lip glosses, and it is $25.  Very good value.  The shades range from a pale pink to a red.  They are not too sticky and do not seem to be too thick.

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