Lorac Sweet Temptations Lip Set~Review and Swatches

7:54 AM

Over the last few months, I have fallen in love with Lorac eyeshadows.  I purchased the Sweet Temptations Eye Set, so I figured I would get the lip set, too.  It is a great value and would make a great gift for any gloss lover.

This set comes with 6 full size glosses with delectable names.  Each is named after a favorite sweet treat, and smells like them.  This set is not for those who dislike flavors.  I can tolerate Candy Apple, but the rest are a bit much.  The flavors also give a smidge of a childish quality.

1.) Candy Apple: shimmery red
2.) Butterscotch: shimmery light peach
3.)  Creme Brulee: pale pink
4.) Frosted Gumdrop: bright pink
5.) Cotton Candy:medium toned pink
6.) Sugar Plum: shimmery berry

Pigment and Texture
As you can see from the swatches, the pigment is great.  These glosses are not too sheer, nor are they opaque.  They are not the least bit thick or sticky.  But the glitter you see in the swatches provided a problem for me: they glosses feel gritty.  And that drives me crazy.  I want my glosses to be smooth and to feel moisturizing.  I don't get that feeling from this product.  The good news is that they do not look as shimmery when applied to the lips.

Staying Power
The staying power leaves something to be desired.  I would say that this lasted about 2 hours on me, and left my lips feeling a bit dried out.  This factor along with the gritty feeling from the glitter made this product a miss for me.

Packaging and Price
The box and actual tubes are eye-catching.  They are made to look like a bunch of candies.  The gold and rhinestone caps add sparkle without being over the top.  The brush applicator is like that of Nars, but a bit larger.  The set itself is a great value.  For $25, you get 6 full sized glosses in a nice range of shades.

Overall Impression
I was underwhelmed by this set.  I have read a lot of rave reviews about it, and frankly I don't understand why.  The glosses are not terrible, but they are not the best out there, either.  But if you can get past the gritty feeling, mediocre (at best) staying power and slightly drying feeling, this would make a good gift.  If you hate flavored glosses, STAY AWAY!  The glosses look, smell and taste like their respective names.  I could handle Candy Apple, but the others were a bit much.  I got an extra opinion about this set from my mom, and she had the same feelings. So it is not just me being my picky self =)

Have you tried this set or the ones from previous years? What did you think?

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