Makeup Memories: My First Eyeshadow Palette

10:02 PM

This palette has a special place in my heart. My grandmother used to go shopping for Lancome products each Christmas for my aunt and mother.  She would spend a good bit of money on products so they would have enough to get them through the year.  I tagged along of course. I have always had an interest in beauty products, but it was not until high school  that interest developed into a passion.  In 2006, I saw this particular palette.  Even though I never said anything about liking it, although I did love it) my grandmother got it for me anyway.  This is the Lancome Color Design Sparkled Palette.  I was estatic when I unwrapped it.  And I applied that palette everyday that year, and used it frequently the following year.  This is the palette that kindled my love for eyeshadows, especially copper.  This palette has special meaning for me because this was the last time she went Christmas shopping.  Not because she wanted to, but simply because she was not able.  I have stopped using the palette because I want it to stay the same.  I can't explain why I want it to stay them, I just do.  This will always stay in my collection for those reasons.

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