Stila's Courage and Beauty Palette

8:52 AM

This palette is an Ulta Exclusive and is something that Stila does for Breast Cancer Awareness.  My mom and I have made it a habit to get one each year.  Plus we get one for my aunt for her birthday.  Not only are they cute, they represent a great cause.  The quality is great as well.

This palette has five shades, all of which are shades of pink and mauve.  In addition to the shadows, you get one of Stila's Convertible Color for lips and cheeks. Each shade name invokes positive thought and I feel more optimistic when using this palette.

1.) Spirit: light shimmery white pink
2.) Exquisite: slightly shimmery light pink
3.) Aspire: shimmery medium pink
4.) Resolve: matte mauve
5.) Bold: dark matte plummy mauve
6.) Hope: bright pink for lips and cheeks

Texture and Staying Power
The texture is nice.  Granted they are not the most buttery of shadows, but they are still smooth and soft.  Some of the shades can be a teensy bit powdery, but no chalkiness.  I have had no problems with staying power or creasing.  At the end of the day, most (if not all) the color is still there.  It just depends on how oily or sweaty my skin gets.  The lip/cheek color is highly pigmented and requires a fair amount of blending in order to avoid looking clownish.  But it does stay on the cheeks.  It looks nice on the lips, and lasts for 3-4 hours on me.

Price and Packaging 
Stila recently revamped these little palettes, which also included a price increase.  Instead of four shadows, they now have five.  The palette is made of sturdy cardboard and is about as nice as cardboard can get.  Of course it is pink and features one of the Stila girls in a cute outfit.  Sad, but I am always a little envious of the fashion on the palettes.  One of the smallest details is my favorite.  Just above the mirror, there is a quote (this is on all of these palettes) from Hellen Keller that is very fitting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  On the inside of the cover, a how to is also featured.

Overall Impression
Love it.  This is great for on the go, and the quality is nice.  The shadows are nicely pigmented, as is the Convertible Color.  Plus it also represents a great cause. Can't go wrong with that.

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