Guerlain Liu Eye&Lip Cailligraphy Palette

8:31 PM

This Holiday season has been full of stunning new releases from the world of beauty. but this palette has had my attention from day one.  I would constantly look at it online and wish I had it.  Everything from the elegant packaging to the gorgeous colors is utter makeup perfection.  I had to save up my money for this palette (and actually was able to get it 20% off during Sephora's VIB sale), but it was well worth it.

This palette comes with 4 shadows and 2 lip colors.  The eyeshadows include:golden beige, true copper, shimmery taupe and a matte black. This palette also comes with two lovely lipsticks: a true tomato red and a vibrant pinky red.

Pigment and Texture
As you can see, the pigment is pretty darn amazing.  Especially for the copper..I am in love with that shade.  You can easily do a tone downed look or something a bit more dramatic.  The texture is wonderful.  I think it is exactly what you should expect from a high end brand.  It is soft and smooth without being powdery or too buttery.  The shadows are very easy to blend and apply.  Basically, they are perfect. Now for the lipstick.  I am normally not a fan of lip color that is not in stick form, mainly because I do not like having to pull out a lip brush to apply it.  But the quality is so wonderful that I don't mind.  They apply very well and are not the least bit drying.  They are not as smooth as the other Guerlain lipsticks, but still very nice and better than other lip colors out there.

Staying Power
 The staying power of the shadows and lip colors is amazing.  The shadow will stay on me all day long with absolutely no trace of creasing or fading.  The lip color even stays on me nearly all day, too.  

Packaging and Price

The palette is fabulously simple and sleek.  It is every bit as elegant as a product from Guerlain should be.  The shadows and lip colors come encased in a gorgeous shiny black case  And that case comes in a nice velveteen bag.  It is sturdy and travel friendly, too.  The only thing that bugs me is that you can see fingerprints, but that is a very minor complaint.  Once you get past the sticker shock, this palette is well worth it.  It is $79, but the quality cannot be beat.  It is worth saving for.  I love this palette so much, I have actually considered saving up for another.

Overall Impression
I think it is pretty obvious that I love this palette.  It is hands down one of my favorites of the season.  You can see a couple of different looks I have done using the palette here.   This gets an A++ from me.


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