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I tend to be much more creative with my makeup in the spring and summer.  During the winter, I am more focused on being warm and cozy.  I still love my makeup of course, but I am less bold.  So in the cold months, I like to use funky pieces of jewelry to jazz things up a bit.  Most of my favorite pieces this season have been found at Macys and JC Penney, some were even 50% off.


The first bracelet (and ring) came from Macy's.  It is from their M Style Lab and I found it in the juniors section.  This and the second ring (counterclockwise)  were 50% off.  I believe they ended up being $5 or $6.  I tried finding them online, but had no luck.  The third bracelet in the upper corner is a cute Betsey Johnson charm bracelet.  It is very girly and almost has a child like quality to it.  This bracelet is pricey at $38, but it is adorable.

All of these are from the M Style Lab and were 50% off.  My fingers are so small that if I find a ring that actually fits, I just need to get it.  Luckily these did fit, were on sale and they are cute.  By the  way, if anyone is curious, the polish on my nails is Lancome's Vernis in Love in Midnight Rose =)


These first five earrings are from JC Penney.  The dangly, purple heart pair are by Betseyville and cost $14 but thanks to a coupon, I was able to get them a few dollars cheaper.  The angel earrings were my favorite to wear up until Christmas and they were only $5.  I just love the way white and light blue look together.  The sterling silver owls were a Christmas gift from my grandparents.  My grandmother has always loved owls, and I have a new found love for them.  The last pair are also by Betseyville and they are cool.  The front looks like an angel wing while the back is a dangling heart and arrow.

 Clockwise: Betsey Johnson $35, M Style Lab $6 ($12 full price), M Style Lab $6 ($12 full price) and INC.  I'm not sure of the price for the INC pair as they were a Christmas gift.  All of them came from Macy's.
 Betsey Johnson Owl Earrings at Macy's. I believe these were $38.  I just couldn't resist them.
Betseyville Mismatched Earrings from JC Penney: I think they were $14.

Last but not least is this adorable owl necklace from Macy's.  Also from M Style Lab, this guy was 50% off.

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