Just Say No to The Ciate Sequin Manicure

7:12 AM

During the Christmas season, it is almost impossible for me to resist anything shiny or sparkly.  Of course the Ciate Sequin Manicure Set in Harlequin had to be mine.  With red, green and silver sequins, it appeared to be perfect for the Holidays.  Well, it just ended being a massive pain in the butt.  I know sequins have a tendency to just appear anywhere once they have been brought in your house, but this is ridiculous.  Plus the finished look was a bit to gaudy for my taste. And of course the sequins started to fall off almost instantly.  And of course taking it off was a hassle, but I was ecstatic when the sequins were off.

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 The steps are easy enough: you remove your current nail polish, apply two coats of the glitter binder and roll your finger in the sequin pot.  This kit really is a waste of money.  If you like the effect, you could just use a basic top coat and sequins from a craft store.  I did like that I didn't have to mix the sequins together or buy separate colors or even one large kit.
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Another thing I did not like was the sequins were hard to get off of the areas around my nail.  Since the glitter binder is clear, it was hard to see if it got on the skin.  A Q-tip with polish remover helped a little, and you can also see where the sequins began to fall off of the index finger.  This picture was taken 20-30 min after application.

The sequin manicure just isn't for me.  Aside from being agitating, the look is just a bit much for me.

What do you think?

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