Sephora+Pantone Precious Metals Palette

8:19 PM

I saw this gorgeous palette and it was love at first sight.  After all, it had a lot of my favorite shades.  I swatched a few and the quality seemed nice.  Plus I have the Shades of Nature of palette and really liked it.

Whisper White
Brushed Nickel
Eiffel Tower
Jet Black

Rain Drum

Antique Bronze
Major Brown

Ivory Cream
Toasted Almond
Brown Sugar
Potting Soil

Maple Sugar
Toasted Nut

Silver Peony
Pale Mauve
Dusty Pink
Muted Clay
Rose Brown

Cloud Gray
Keepsake Lilac
Deauville Mauve
Purple Gumdrop

Pigment and Formula
I was very excited after swatching some of the shades in store because they felt smooth and seemed like they would be pigmented.  Sadly, that did not translate to application.  I had to keep applying in order to acheive any kind of color payoff.  Even then, the finished product did not look smooth and even appeared splotchy.  The texture is nice, though.  These shadows are soft and smooth, but can lean on the powdery side.  Some were chalky.  The finishes range from shimmer to matte and there are even quite a few frosty shades.  "Precious Metals" is a deceiving title considering there are actually no truly metallic shades in the palette.

Staying Power
Ugh..this was every bit as disappointing as the pigment and application.  Even with primer, the shadows did not stay on me for more than 4-5 hours.  And creasing was also an issue.  I can tolerate not so fabulous pigment, but lack of staying power is a deal breaker.

Packaging and Price
This is a large palette, and is not travel friendly.  However, it is thin and sturdy.  It also has a huge mirror, which would be amazing if the actual quality of the shadows were good.  This palette is $48 at Sephora.

Overall Impression
This is definitely not worth the money. This had the potential to be such a great palette, but it fell way short of my expectations.  I say skip this one.

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