It's Amazing What Losing a Few lbs Can Do(And Sorry I've Been MIA)

7:58 AM

I know it has been ages since I have last posted anything, and I really hate that I have not had the time to do any reviews. But with five classes Mon-Thurs, and work Thurs night through Sunday, I have very little spare time. A lot of my not posting came from a horrible lack of energy. Over the last few works, I have been in a foul mood of epic proportions and could never figure out why. That is until one night I stepped on the dreaded scales. Well, that revealed that I had gained a whopping twenty five pounds over the last few months. I knew I had gained some weight, but I didn't expect to see that. I'm used to weighing anywhere between 145-155, but five nights ago, the scales read 171.6. Talk about an "Aha" moment. Luckily, I am tall (5'9") but the fact that I was only 30 pounds from being 200 scared the living daylights out of me and put my butt in gear. Which is sad because my cholesterol levels are insanely, dangerously high. Darn you genetics. Now I am not a lazy person, but I am not active either and I hate exercising. But with some mild diet changes, taking vitamins and adding some moderate exercise, I am already down to 166. Here are the changes I have made thus far: -cut out all soda -eliminated most sugary foods -drink Trop50 orange juice in the morning vs a small glass of soda or some other juice. -eat a 90 cal Fiber One Breakfast Bar -drink a large bottle of water with me to class vs a thermos of coffee (most days) - Cut back on my beloved cinnamon dolce lattes. I've replaced them with a green tea iced lemonade, lightly sweetened. - ride my stationary bike for 30 min a day and do 60-80 sit ups plus tone my arms using 5 lb weights. All of that is just a starting point. Once it stops raining, I would like to walk for 30 min a day, too. And increase the number of sit ups I do. I'm also moving on to lunch and dinner modifications. I went grocery shopping last night and got some supplies. I will start on that tonight, and maybe do a weekly post on my progress to help keep me motivated. And if a few people get inspired, thats even better =) I can say that I am feeling a whole lot better. I'm happier and have a lot more energy. I have been dressing in slouchy sweaters and leggings, but today I brought some of my nicer clothes. They fit before, but didn't look good. Now they look great so I can back to looking like the fashionista I really am ;) I hope (fingers crossed) to post a review tonight and maybe (big maybe) tomorrow. Until then, hope you guys are having a great week so far.

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  1. You always look fab to me but I know from experience what shedding a few lbs can do for your physical and emotional state of mind :) I, too, packed on a few lbs over the holidays. I just love those sweet treats too much!!! I'm just now getting back on track with my diet but am lagging behind in the exercise department. I need to get my tail in gear and quick so I can get the tone back that I once had.

    Stay positive! Stay motivated! And, most of all, stay fabulous :) Have a great week!!!

    Love Ya! AmySue

    1. Well, thanks =) I thought I was starting to look a bit too chunky. It is hard not to eat everything during the Holidays, and I thought I did pretty good. Guess not, lol.

      Hope you have a great week, too!


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