Review: Lush Ultrablast Toothy Tabs

3:19 PM

I'm going to take a step back from reviewing the typical beauty product and focus on one of the most interesting products I have used in a while.  I have recently become a Lush convert, and the Toothy Tabs have become a favorite of mine.

What They Are:
Toothy Tabs are an innovative take on your everyday toothpaste.  They are solid, 100% vegan and free of preservatives.  And from my experience, effective.  They come in different varieties such as Ultrablast, Atomic, Chou Chou, etc..

How To Use:
They are very easy to use.  Just pop one of the tablets in your mouth and crush it up between your front teeth.  Then wet your toothbrush and brush as usual.

Ultrablast Main Ingredients:
 Wasabi Powder
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

What I Think
I really like these tablets.  I find that they make dental hygiene more fun, and I also find it to be more effective than most of the toothpastes I have tried.  Some people may find Ultrablast strong, but I did not.  My mom on the other hand could not handle it and had to spit it out ASAP.  I found it to be a bit sweet and herbal with a tiny hint of spice.  The taste is most intense while crushing it and I do not have any problems with after taste.  It doesn't have the fresh, minty aftertaste of toothpaste, but my mouth feels cleaner.  My teeth actually look a little whiter thanks to the baking soda. It foams up just like toothpaste, but not quite as much.  The price for a pack of Toothy Tabs is $4.95 and you get a lot.  

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