Wet n Wild Center Stage On Edge Creme Eyeliner in Cocoa

8:34 PM

I had no idea Wet n Wild and Fergie had put out a new collection until I walked in a local WalGreens. I know, I know..I have been slacking. I got this simply because it was something new and cheap. I didn't expect it to actually be great. But great it is.

  Cocoa is a very dark, matte brown.

Pigment and Formula:
 The pigment and formula is great. You only need a little bit on your eyeliner brush to line your entire upper lash line. It is not the least bit dry. It is perfectly smooth and glides on perfectly. I have had more expensive cream liners that could not even do that. I have worn it a couple of times and it has not flaked off at all. The only real downside is you may run out quickly. In my pictures, you can already see a nice sized indention and I have only used a few times. It is very easy to get too much product. As long as it does not dry out quickly, this is a superb product from Wet n Wild.

Staying Power and Price:
 This stuff literally stays on me all day. From the time I apply it to the time I come home, it does not budge. It doesn't smear, run, flake, fade..nothing. It just stays right where you put it. For a mere five bucks, you get a nice creme eyeliner.  And the brush it comes with is not bad, either.  It is a nice blend of stiff and flexible, so it makes the line easy to apply.  However, if you prefer a very thin line, you will likely need another brush.

Overall Impression
Love it!  I have never been one to use cream liners because they dry out, flake off or in general, a pain to deal with.  Especially cheap ones.  But Wet n Wild nailed it with this product.  I just need to be more careful since it is easy to get too much product on the brush.

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  1. This actually looks really cool :) I know that L'Oreal makes a nice cream liner but I'm curious to try out WnW stuff!

    1. It's great, especially for the price =) I've never tried the L'Oreal one, but I have heard positive things about it. WnW actually has some good products, but I will say that I am not a fan of their lipsticks.


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