Loving the Immaculate Eggception

11:44 AM

I am a new lover of Lush.  I only recently discovered what all the fus is about.  This is definitley a case of better late than never, although I am sure my bank account wants to strangle me.  I never knew about their cute spring releases, so I nearly freaked out when I saw the Immaculate Eggception and Henata bath bombs.

I got the yellow Immaculate Eggception because it seemed more springy, and I am very much ready for spring. Plus I just love blue.  If you are new to this bath bomb as well, the first thing you will notice is the size.  This thing is huge.

I know I am going to be able to get 5 uses out of it.  I mean just look at it, it is far larger than their other bath bombs.  If you shake it a little, you will notice there is something on the inside.  To break it in half, just smash (kind of gently) it against a hard surface.  Thanks for the help, mom. =)

When you smash it, you will be greeted by this little guy.

At this point, you can get three uses out of the bath bomb.  But I cracked each half in half again, which still leaves you with a nice chunk.

I didn't take pictures of the bath water for a couple of reasons.  1.) It just seems weird, 2.) I didn't want to risk dropping my iPad, phone or camera into the water and 3.) the actual color was altered because I added a few pieces of a bubble bar.  I will say that it turned my water a light yellow green.    As for ingredients, the main ones are vanilla, grapefruit, lemon oil and ylang ylang.  To me, it smelled a lot like chocolate.  I was a bit disappointed because I excpected more of a citrus scent.  But it still smells amazing.  The scent lingers on for a good while.  In fact, I actually smell it on my hand still.  And I used it at 10:30 pm.
If this is a product you are interested in, best of luck to you.  They are sold out online and will probably be out ins tores.  I know the Lush in Atlanta (Lenox Square) was almost sold out a couple of weeks ago.Lush

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