Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Review Part 2

7:39 AM

Last time, I reviewed three of the many lovely neutral shades from Sephora's newly reformulated eyeshadows.  This next batch will consist of three pinky shades that I love.  And no more of their glittery shades for me.  Let us see how long that actually sticks.

Sweet Candy: shimmery light pink
Prom Queen: matte bright pink
Hold Me Tight: metallic plum with a hint of pink

The bottom three neutral shades will be for another day =)

Top to bottom: Prom Queen, Hold Me Tight and Sweet Candy.  Top Row: Sweet Candy, Prom Queen and Hold Me Tight.

Like I said in part 1, the texture of these is nice.  Especially when you compare the older shadows to the new one.  I actually did that last night, and  Thank you, Sephora.  The reformulated shadows are so much more smooth and soft.  No more hard, slightly gritty feel.  Now I am not talking Urban Decay or bareMinerals level, but much improved.  Definitley a step up.  Prom Queen has great texture considering it is matte.  They are slightly on the powdery side, but I do not find that to be an issue.  Chalkiness has not been an issue either.  A least not yet.  I have only tried two of the matte shades so far.  And that will probably be it.  

Pigment and Application
The pigment ranges across the board.  But I have found that the shades you would want to be more sheer, usually are.  Thus making them easier to work with.  Sweet As Candy and Hold Me Tight do not have a ton of pigment, but they are easily built up.  I think this makes them easy to work with and I have created lovely looks with them.  Prom Queen has a lot of pigment, but I will admit that it is a harder color for me to work with.  All of the shades apply very well.

Staying Power
The staying power is really what makes or breaks an eyeshadow for me.  Luckily, these stay on me all day with the use of my handy eyeshadow primer.

Overall Impression
Like I said in my previous review, Sephora really upped their game with these shadows.  Sure,  they are still not fantastic like Urban Decay, bareMinerals, etc, but they are very good.  They have created a wide variety of shades and textures, so their is something for everyone.

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