Some Fitness Favorites from Pinterest

10:35 AM

I've been using Pinterest more for fitness and health inspiration rather than beauty and fashion.  I think signing up for The Color Run in April has done me a lot of good.  My level of fitness is, well, crappy.  For the ladies that are in the same boat as myself, I wanted to share some of my favorite pins that I have actually gotten some use out of.

1.)The Excuse Proof Workout has become one of my favorites because it is quick and easy.  But you can still feel the effects.  You don't even need any kind of equipment.  It really does take out the excuses.

2.) And now for some simple motivation.  When put this way, an hour seems like nothing.   This has actually worked for me.  In the last three weeks, there has only been one, maybe two days, I have not done any kind of exercise.

3.) I'm trying to incorporate a little bit of yoga into my daily routine.  And any poses that help strengthen my core, well that is even better. 

4.) This next workout is from Shape magazine and it has also become a favorite.  Like the Excuse Proof Workout, it is quick, easy and effective.  All you need is a resistance band, two 2 lb weights and a small exercise ball. This is actually a video, so it is much more helpful in showing you how to do the exercises.

5.) I walk three miles (and working on increasing) at least twice a week, so this is very handy information.  Granted a lot of slips my mind when I am walking, it is still great information to have.

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