Lazy Anti-Stress Routine (that's also great for skin)

7:29 PM

I have little time to myself nowadays.  As an introvert, that drives me insane. Literally.  Without some good quality "me time" every day, I become quite cranky. Well, to be perfectly honest, I can get downright mean.  As a result, my eczema has gone crazy as a result of stress and my skin tends not to like the hot summers of Georgia.  To combat this mental (and physical) dilemma, I have a simple solution.

Step 1: Bath Time

I have not done an oatmeal bath since I was a child, my moody eczema forced me to bring it back. It did wonders.  I just bought store brand oatmeal bath treatment as it was a few dollars cheaper than Aveeno and it worked just as well.  Oatmeal is well known to be beneficial for dry, sensitive and itchy skin. And for very good reason: it works.  I added a dropper full of lavender oil to a warm bath to make it extra relaxing.  I also like the subtle scent it gives the bath water.  The particular bottle in the picture is from the Vitamin Shoppe.  After soaking for 5-10 minutes, I use Lush's Dreamwash Shower Smoothie.  It contains Calamine, which is also excellent for eczema probe skin.  I smooth it all over and rinse it off.  When I get out of the tub, my skin is much more smooth and less irritated. Furthermore, I feel more relaxed.  While soaking, I also like to get some reading done.  I am currently loving Susan Cain's "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking." 

2.) Post Soak
Whether or not you have eczema, it is crucial to moisturize right after a shower or bath.  I use Aveeno's Creamy Moisturizing Oil because it is light weight, absorbs quickly and it works. I also make some green tea with lemongrass and light a candle.  I typically use a candle that smells citrus-y and/or minty, such as "Lemon Mint Leaf" from Bath and Body Works.  I turn on some classical music and by the end of the night, I'm good as new.

My favorite mug.
How do you like to unwind?

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