Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Blue Bay

8:22 AM

Along with Pygmalion, Blue Bay is the first Chanel product I own.  And like Pygmalion, I adore it.  If you have read any of my recent posts, you probably know I have been having a love affair with blue.  And this is the leader in my arsenal of blue makeup.

Blue Bay is the most gorgeous icy blue.  It is a shimmery, darkened periwinkle.

With Flash

Natural Light

Formula and Pigment
I love the formula of this lipstick.  Typically, I find creamy shadows difficult to work with, but not this one.   It applies easily and smooth with absolutely no dragging or tugging.  I have found that the wear changes depending on how I wear it.  If worn as an eyeliner, it stays on all day with no fading or creasing whatsoever.  As an eyeshadow, it does fade a little by the end of the day.  I prefer to apply it using an eyeliner brush, even if I am using it as a lid color. Yeah, I am an oddball.  But it gives me a lot more control versus that applying it from the tube.  I get a little product on brush and appy from the lash line up. Easy peasy, and gorgeous.  The pigment is fabulous. One stroke yields amazing color.  And a little bit on the tip of a brush goes a long way.

Packaging and Overall Impression
Housed in a sleek black tube, it looks classy, just as something by Chanel should. One of my favorite things about it is the blue ring along the bottom that matches the color perfectly.
I really love this eyeshadow. The color is gorgeous and it performs really well.  I would love to get one or tow of the the other shades.

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  1. This shade is gorgeous! I was so torn between this shade and the green one, but I chose green. It looks more intense than I would have imagined, which is totally what I was looking for! That is such a great tip to use an eyeliner brush. I found the tip of this to be a little too thick to draw along the upper lashline, but using the brush is brilliant! :)

    1. I really want all of them, lol. I did, too. I tried using the tip of the pencil once and it was too time consuming, and thick. But the brush was just the trick =) I may go back and get the green one since I don't own anything like it.


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