NOTD: L'Oreal Miss Pixie

6:44 PM

Miss Pixie is one of the jelly nail polishes released for L'Oreal's Miss Candy collection.  They are worth checking out because they are one of the more unique drugstore polishes. The jelly texture makes it super shiny, but very sheer.  I applied 4 coats and you can still see my nails, which are more prominent in pictures than in person. And if you have short nails, that won't be as big of a problem. Despite the sheerness, I love this color.  I don't own anything even close to it, and it is actually resilient. There is a little bit of wear, but that is the result of smashing my finger in a door and peeling hard boiled eggs. I don't think any polish can withstand that. Anyhow, the application is smooth and the dry time is impressive.  Within 3-4 minutes, it is bone dry on me.  Even though I usually don't like sheer polish, I actually do love this one. But I am a sap for nearly anything this shade of blue.

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