Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con "The Starlet" Palette Review

8:56 AM

I snatched up this palette during the two day preview Sephora did last week.  It just looked so stunning and I had very high hopes for the palette.  Luckily, the palette performs just as beautifully as it looks.

This palette comes in 7 colors that are inspired by shades of the Earth.

1.) Metallic mauve-y taupe.
2.) Frosted, metallic copper tinged beige.
3.) Cocoa brown with slight gold shimmer
4.) Intense, metallic fiery copper.  The most intense shade of copper I have ever seen!
5.) Metallic, antique-y yellow gold. 
6.)Medium metallic silver
7.) Shimmery gunmetal

Texture and Staying Power
The texture of this palette is nothing short of perfection.  Each shade is so buttery and smooth, you would almost think that they were cream shadows instead of powder.  But unlike cream shadows, there is less creasing and fading.  I say less because I did experience some minor creasing as the result of oily eyelids (cheap, crappy primer but that is another review.) With Lorac and Becca primers, there is no fading or creasing.  The pigment is incredible as well.  Have I mentioned the intensity of that copper? One swipe will do with all of  the shades in this palette.

This palette is very easy to work with.  The shadows blend well together and I have had no problems with fall out.

Packaging and Price
At first glance, the packaging looks luxe and modern.  But the disappointment sets in when you realize that it is indeed just well designed plastic.  I do like the little bag the palette slides in, though.  It protects it from unsightly fingerprints and makes it a little more travel friendly.  I carried the palette with me all day yesterday and the pouch prevented any scratching.  In the bottom of the pouch is a rather dinky applicator sponge. It seems like it was just an afterthought, but I never use those anyway. The silver knob on the palette opens it when pressed in, but it can also be opened by a fingernail.  So there is potential for it to open during travel (if not in the pouch.)  This palette is $59.  It will be available on Sephora sometime in August.

Overall Impression
This is a gorgeous palette with texture perfection.  The shades are very wearable  and apply like a dream.  I find it to be worth the splurge and now I am curious about other Marc Jacobs Beauty items, too.

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