Maybelline Electro Baby Lips

5:08 PM

.I have dedicated way too much time to find these since they were released.  Unfortunately, a lot of drugstores in my area are a little slow to get new products at times.  I finally found them yesterday and I purchased two shades: Oh Orange and Strike a Rose.  Do you know how hard it was to buy just two? I want all of them.  These are a very fun spin off of the original Baby Lips and I am loving them.

Oh Orange! is a sheer tangerine and Strike A Rose is coral pink.

Formula and Pigment
 The formula of the new Baby Lips is quite nice.  They feel very smooth and creamy.  They leave my lips feeling soft all day long.  Seriously, there is no hint of dryness at the end of the day.  And since it is a balm, you would not expect the pigment to be that great.  But you would be wrong.  The colors are on the sheer side, but they still pack a fun punch.  What you see on the swatches above is exactly how they apply on the lips.  Although to admit that Oh Orange is not all that flattering on me.  The scent is also delicious.  Oh Orange reminds me of orange slice candies and Strike A Rose smells like the candy necklaces we enjoyed as children.  The fragrance is subtle, so if you are not one for strong smells, there is a chance you may still like this product.

Although simple, the packaging is awesome.  The black tube combined with the neon letters on the cap really makes it stand out on shelves.  Plus the hint of neon makes it easier to find in a bag.   

Overall Impression 
 I love these new lip balms.  And to be honest, I really did not expect to.  They are a fun, vibrant spin off of the original Baby Lips.  In fact, they might even be better.  They are worth checking out and buying.

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