Lush Bûche de Noël Facial Cleanser Review

3:32 PM

I am quite happy with my current skincare products and the only reason I bought this is because my middle name is Noël. Kind of stupid, right?  And rarely do I find the exact spelling on anything.  You should hear the story of my aunt telling the nurses how to put the diaeresis on the "e" for my birth certificate.  Anywho, I was quite surprised to find that I really, really love this product.  It has given my skin a nice oomph that I didn't know it needed.  This is a seasonal cleanser and you absolutely must try it.

I want to start off mentioning the scent and texture as both are, um, unique.  Personally, I cannot stand the smell but it isn't bad enough to keep me from using the product.  I am trying to find an accurate comparison but I just cannot think of anything.  Fruitcake-y perhaps? I don't have a clue but there are plenty of people that do like the smell, so I am just the odd girl.  It is a pressed, solid cleanser but yet it is a little crumbly so you can break off a tiny piece to use.  You have to use it a few times to find the perfect balance of water to use with it.  I make sure my skin is fully saturated then I apply it all over my face.  In this case, practice makes perfect.  You have to be a little patient with it.  It does lather a bit and it cleanses quite well.  If you are a first time buyer like I was, it will throw you off a little. But it is a wonderful product.

This cleanser has some really nice, skin friendly ingredients that will keep your face soft, clean and bright.  Lush added satsuma to add some extra brightness, almonds for exfoliation and seaweed for dry patches.  This is designed for dry skin, but I have oily and it works splendidly because I do have eczema prone skin.  It gives my skin a nice balance and really made it look soft and radiant.  My mom has even used a couple of times and was impressed by it.  If you haven't tried it yet, go for it as it is a seasonal product.  I plan on buying one or two more pots of it.  And one will last you quite some time.

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  1. I'll definitely have to smell this in store! I didn't realize how much scent affects a product until I got this weird cucumber scented toner.


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