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4:18 PM

First of all, let me state that I was sent these fragrances for consideration.  Secondly, I was quite surprised by how good they actually smell.  I honestly never thought that I would see the day where I would be reviewing anything with "Playboy" printed on it, but you just don't turn down a chance to try out a new fragrance for free.  I'm used to wearing Chanel, YSL and Guerlain fragrances, so these were interesting to try out.

They sent two fragrances: one for her and for him. I have been trying both out for the last few days, so here is what I have to say about them.

Super Playboy for Her:
I was actually quite fond of the scent.  How they describe it (per the initial email I was sent): "Super Playboy for Her will instantly release your power of seduction with margarita cocktail, exotic paradise flower and sexy musk notes."  I do think this is a fun fragrance, but I don't think seduction when I smell it.  It has a fruity, sweet scent, but I also detect a slight hint of spice, which keeps the sweet balanced out. Neither note is over done.  Even though I like how it smells, it doesn't even last an 20-30 minutes on me.  I would say that the fact that I am always on the go and don't sit still for very long may have something to do with it, however I have also tried it on lazy days.  In either case, it just does not stick with me.  It doesn't even linger.

Super Playboy for Him:
I actually like this one more than the for Her version.  It has a nice, spicy masculine scent.  I actually tried this on myself (since I don't have  a boyfriend to test it out for and the wear time was an improvement.  I would say this lasted 4 hours on me.  This one has notes of bergamot, black pepper and amber.  This is a scent that I like the man your life would enjoy (and you might enjoy on him.)

Overall Impression
Even though I liked (and was even impressed) by the scents, they just are not my style. I need my fragrances to last for hours and I prefer ones that have a more sophisticated scent.  I don't care much for the packaging either.  It is not something I care to have sitting on my counter.  You can learn more about the Super Playboy line of fragrances on their site

Note: These fragrances were not purchased by me.  They were sent for consideration by the brand's PR company. 

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