Gift Idea: OCC All Star Mini Lip Tar Set

9:10 AM

I'm back! Finals are finally over and I have time to blog.  In fact, over the next few weeks, you will probably get sick of me. My first post is going to be about this awesome little set of lip tars.  I think it is safe to say that we were all excited for these mini's to come out.

This set is actually my first real introduction to the lip tar world. And I can see what the hype is about.  At $20, this would make a great gift for the beauty lover in your life. Or a little holiday treat for yourself.

Memento: a lovely neutral plummy pink.
NSFW: a true red
Anime: an awesome neon pink
Black Dahlia: blackened red

Memento, NSFW, Anime, Black Dahlia


Black Dahlia

One of the best things about these colors is that they are flattering.  I can easily wear all of them, even Black Dahlia (just not on a daily basis.)  They are super pigmented and long lasting.  I have been testing these over the last 8 days, and I have never had to re-apply them throughout the day. These dry to a semi-matte feeling, which leads me to the only down side: they are slightly drying.  Also, slight bleeding and smearing can be a slight problem if you are not careful with application. Which is exactly what happened with Black Dahlia in my picture.  Black Dahlia can also be a bit uneven. If you are prone to chapped lips like myself, a quick scrub and application of balm will help.  You can also mix different shades together.  I haven't done this yet, but I can imagine how gorgeous NSFW and Black Dahlia would be together. Overall , this is a great little set to buy.  It has a nice assortment of pigmented, long lasting shades.  It is a Sephora exclusive and costs $20.

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  1. Glad to hear this is a good set! I actually asked for this from my boyfriend so, fingers crossed!

    1. I hope you end up getting it =) It is a nice little set.


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