Lush Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

7:18 PM

First of all, I really hate that a lot of my favorite Lush products are available only at Christmas time.  It really is not fair.  I have tried a few of their bath melts, but this is my favorite by far.  I mean, come on. What is not to love about a sparkling, silver star?

When you drop it into your bath, the silver shimmer melts off very quickly.  You will see lovely hints of silver shimmer throughout your bath. The rest of the star is white with a little bit of blue.  It smells a lot like Whoosh! shower jelly.  It smells very refreshing and you can detect the lime oil that it is in it.  Part of the fun here is watching the star melt.  It looks awesome, almost like some kind of microscopic organism.  Prior to using, try not to handle it and store it in a cooler are of your house.  Otherwise, it will melt a little.

I did have some silver shimmer on my skin after getting out of the tub.  My skin also felt very soft and I felt more alert. If you can find this in your local Lush store, you need to pick up a few of these.  I regret not getting more of them. 

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  1. Totally appreciate this! The amount of glitter on this product is insane, but it's pretty and smells beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I was worried about the shimmer at first, but it ended being really pretty and cleaned up easily =)


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