Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow

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This palette is part of Revlon's spring line up.  Normally I shy away from face products other than concealer and foundation, but I was drawn to this palette.  Besides, I was blessed with high cheekbones, so why not enhance that?  The styling of this product is resembles Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick with strips of varying shades.

Product Description via Ulta's website: "...for an all over sunkissed glow. Complimentary shimmer shades blend to enhance complexion for a radiant sunkissed  look."

I picked out Rose Glow because I knew it would be most flattering on my skin tone.  It also comes in Peach Glow and Bronze Glow.  At first glance, it looks more like "Beige Glow" since there is only one shade of matte pink and the rest seem to be varying shades of shimmer,

Let me start by saying that this palette does have a lot of shimmer.  If you are not a shimmer fan, do not even look at this palette.  I love shimmer, and it is almost too much for me to handle. You can actually see chunks of shimmer on your cheeks.  At first, this concerned me when I saw it applied in a close up mirror.  However, in a normal mirror, it is not as noticeable.  The pigment of the palette as a whole is pretty good.  When using all the shades, I did not need a lot of product.  When swatched on my wrist, the individual shades are more sheer.  But due to the size of the shades, you won't be able to use them individually.  The formula is decent, but not great.  I found it to be a little powdery, but it did blend fairly well.  And the texture was soft.  I wasn't completely sold on this palette until I realized how good the staying power is.  I went shopping today in the pouring hot and even sweated some.  I was gone for 4-5 hours and it had not budged at all.  The few blushes I have cannot do that.  I am not in love with this product, but I do see myself using it. It provides nice color if you can get past the shimmer factor.  If you end up getting it, I do recommend applying with a light hand.  I got a little happy with my brush and over applied for the pictures.  But at least you can see the color =)

The only place I have seen this so far is at Ulta and it is $10.99 there.  I had a coupon, so I didn't pay that and I certainly do not think anyone should.  $11 is a bit overpriced in my opinion.
Overall, this product is slightly above "meh."  If you have plenty of similar products in your makeup stash, I would not get it.  Unless you are just very curious about it like I was.

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  1. looks so pretty, great mix of colours and flattering on the cheeks :D

    1. It is lovely =) I wasn't crazy about all of the shimmer at first, but now I like it a lot.


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