L'Oreal Butterfly Collection Infallible Eyeshadows

6:17 PM

L'Oreal has recently released some lovely new eyeshadows and nail polishes.  I picked up two of each a few weeks ago and today I am reviewing the eyeshadows: Burst Into Bloom and Purple Priority.  They are perfect for wearing the color of the year, Radiant Orchid.  Based on that, you know they are going to be perfectly springy and the shades remind me of a beautiful flower garden.

Burst Into Bloom is a gorgeous, shimmery orchid.  It is much more sheer than Purple Priority.  If you like a lot of color on your eyes, you will have to build it up a little.  Normally that would agitate me, but since it is a shade that is a little more difficult to wear, the sheer-ness makes it easier to work with.  Purple Priority, however, is packed with awesome pigment.  It is a gorgeous, deep purple and you can see the faintest hint of blue in it.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

The texture of these shadows is great.  They are oh so soft and have a buttery texture.  They blend easily, but if you want a lot of color pay off from Burst Into Bloom, you will need to build it up. Nonetheless, it is still a nice shadow.  I did not have any problems with creasing or fading throughout the wear time.  Burst Into Bloom also has very small pieces of glitter, but I did not have any issues with fall out.

I think these shades are worth picking up.  They are great for spring and fit perfectly in with the Radiant Orchid trend.  The formula is also great with a long lasting time and no creasing whatsoever.  Basically, you need to get these babies.

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  1. such pretty colours hopefully they come to canada

    1. I hope so, too. Everyone needs these shades =)


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