Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Sample Set

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After hearing great things about Paula's Choice from other bloggers, mainly Angie over at Vanity Rouge, and family members, I was dying to try it. If you are interested in more Paula's Choice Stuff, you need to check out Angie's posts.  A few weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered two of the Skin Balancing Sample Sets.  One of my favorite things about the line is that she offers sample sizes for purchase on many of the products.  You can try out this entire line for $5.  Pretty awesome, right?

The skin balancing line is ideal for those with combination or oily skin. The idea is to help balance the skin (obviously) while providing anti aging benefits and reducing pore size.

What Is Included
You literally get the entire line. Nothing is left out. The inside of the box is divided into day and night sections because there is a slight difference in the products.  Each sample set includes:
  •  2 Skin Balancing Cleanser Samples
  • 2 Skin Balancing Toner Samples
  • 2 Skin Balancing Antioxidant Mattifying Concentrate Serum with Retinol
  • 2 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid Samples
  • 1 Oil Absorbing Mask Sample
  • 1 Skin Balancing Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Lotion SPF 30 Sample
  • 1 Skin Balancing Moisture Gel Sample
One sample set lasted me around one week.  In that time, my skin changed for the better.  It definitely did what it claimed.  When I first started using it, my skin was more on the oily side and it took care of that right away.  I used it a few more times and noticed that my skin was clearer and brighter.  An acne scar on my cheek appeared less noticeable.  I stopped using the products for a week to see what would happen.  For the first day or so, my skin still looked good but by the end of the week, it was dry and "blah."  I started using it again and it even helped balance out my skin when it was dry.  With any new product, I am scared it will irritate my eczema.  Luckily nothing in this line did.  My skin just looked clear, bright and smooth.  I am approaching my mid 20's so not only is oil control a concern, but so is anti-aging.  This set is the best of both worlds.
I took this picture a few days ago.  I had just woken up and went through the whole routine.  The only makeup I am wearing is a lip stain that refused to come off. 

If you are still looking for a good skincare regimen, check out Paula's Choice and order you a few samples.  I think you will be impressed.

I will post a more detailed review and status update once I have used the set for a while longer. I also apologize for the crappy picture quality. I snapped these before leaving for class.  I am going to try very hard to post on a weekly basis on both blogs while keeping up with school (boo).

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  1. Wow Kristen! I'm so glad you tried out PC, and that you are seeing great results. I can't wait to hear your final review. I know I gush on and on about them, but honestly after using her products since May 2012 I couldn't be happier with my skin. The quality for the price (especially considering how costly skincare can get) is amazing! I also love their samples - it is a great way to try new things for sure! :)

    1. I can totally see why you gush about their products. They are awesome, and they get your order shipped to you so quickly. Plus the products really are not that expensive compared to a lot of other brands. I have even gotten my mother to try some stuff out now.


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